Our Cups


All elements of our Compostable Cups will naturally breakdown over time. As the majority of paper cups end up in landfill, using a bio cup is far superior to regular PE lined cups. Our Bio cup will breakdown to nothing reducing the amount of plastic which ends up in landfill. Increases packaging efficiency: no need for a separate sleeve or double cupping and protects hands from heat, never too hot to handle…



Completely compostable paper board with a PLA lining

No need for special recycling, regular rubbish is fine

Paperboard used is food grade with food grade PLA lamination

Inks used are fully compliant to food standard requirements

For safety, cooler touch and cost effective. An effective way of carrying hot beverage 



In house design studio

One off setup charge

7 day Xpress Run

1000 Cups minimum order



Product Code          Size          Top Rim Diameter          Height          QTY/CTN         CTN Dimensions

      CDWC8                8oz                      80mm                        95mm                  500           415x335x490mm

     CDWC12               12oz                     90mm                        110mm                500           460x370x610mm

       CDWC16              16oz                      90mm                        135mm                500           460x370x620mm